QE Boys Barnet 11Plus Exam Study Pack Is Now Available

QE Boys Barnet Study Pack is now live and available from our online store so as a result you can start without missing a beat.


What is the QE Boys Barnet (Queen Elizabeth's School Barnet) Study Pack?

The study pack has been specifically written to match the style, layout and format of the QE Boys Barnet Exam so consequently it's relevant for the test today.

This ensures your child is studying the correct areas and furthermore not wasting time and effort on areas that are not covered.

Access to the online test centre at Standard, Premium and Platinum levels. Includes Topic Genius and Answer Genie, PDF paper downloads and as a result you should be well covered.

Also includes "How To" videos, parent coaching, Facebook group, hints and tips and so much more ensuring you're covered.

Benefits of the QE Barnet Study Pack

A better and more relaxed experience as you have what you need. This will allow you to easily supervise your child's progress over the months leading up to the 11 plus exam.

  • The online tests are marked and graded for you so you don't have to!
  • The "How To" for those tough questions are explained by one of our top teachers.
  • We have simple to follow videos with downloads and physical books that follow through from the on line tests.

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