5 Vital 11 Plus Resources

11 Plus Resources Your Child Needs To Succeed

Here are the 5 of the vital 11 Plus resources you should definitely consider for your child when planning your 11+ preparation.

What's fantastic is that we provide them specifically for your area - no more generic studying of information you may never need, no point in studying verbal reasoning if the school doesn't test for it, for example:

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11Plus 5 Step Preparation Timeline

11Plus Preparation

11Plus preparation is vital so make sure you prepare in time for the 11Plus exam. This handy infographic will keep you on track with the timeline breakdown making sure you are well prepared in good time, feeling less stressed and ready to go! After all, you want that grammar school place, right?

Grab a copy of your free E-Book "Unfair Advantage"

As part of your 11Plus preparation we are offering you this E-Book absolutely free (worth £6.99). It reveals the secrets to helping your child pass the 11 Plus exam. Click the link below and we will send you your free copy instantly.

https://www.bbUnfair Advantage How To Pass the 11 Plus E-Book

Useful links: What is the 11Plus? and the 11PlusSwot Advantage

Would love to know your thoughts on preparing for the 11plus, leave a comment and share with your friends if you think they would find it useful.

Kent Test 2020

This is my complete guide to the Kent Test 2020

In this guide you will discover:

  • How to apply for a place
  • The important test dates you need to know
  • Entrance criteria
  • Makeup of a test paper 
  • Sample papers, videos, hints & tips

So if you want the the up to date information on the Kent Test 11Plus 2020 you'll love today's guide.

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11 Plus Papers

Discover the secret to helping your child pass the 11+ with our FREE guide "Unfair Advantage" https://11plusswot.co.uk/ and access free 11 plus papers and online testing tailored to your chosen school or area.

New 11+ website

Our new website is live!

We have totally redesigned the site  to make it even easier to use, find content, take tests and is fantastic to use with mobile, tablet as well as your desktop PC.

Looking for the old Swot site?

If you are signed up to the old Swot site - fear not. It's still alive and kicking for now and until 2020. Click here to go to the old Swot site.