11Plus Online Test Centre

New High Tech 11+ Test Centre Now Live!

We have been hard at work ensuring that we can provide the best in online testing services for our students and parents.

This means that children studying for the 11+ exam will be able to take mock tests online from their mobile, tablet or PC and their results will always be readily available from any device (we recommend using a tablet, laptop or PC for a more-user friendly experience whilst taking tests!)

The computer marks the test as soon as it is complete - saving you, the parent, the tough job of marking the papers (we of course supply the answers so you can mark them manually if you wish!)

Tests are all online so can be taken on your Mac or PC, table or smart phone. It's all online so no software to install!

Access is unlimited during your membership and tests can be taken as many times as you wish, so you can track the child's progress over time and identify any weaker areas that need attention.  Repetition boosts motivation, increases familiarity and builds confidence and self-belief.

Tests are all online so can be taken on your Mac or PC, table or smart phone. It's all online so no software to install!

We have had our experts working hard to provide well thought out, relevant and compatible questions to fit exactly what you are looking for that fits your school 11+ exam's subjects, format, timing and style. Both CEM and GL type tests are supported to suit whatever system your school uses for it's entrance exam.  Familiarity is then developed with question types, your child gets a feel for timing and required speed and learns exam skills such as following instructions.

We have over 45,000 questions in our question bank that we use to produce online and downloadable test papers, giving you the best of both worlds. Don't underestimate the value of downloading papers as it is an important element of preparing your child for real exam conditions.

What's In The Test Centre?

The test centre is where you access your online tests specific for your school or area.

Each test is laid out to match the school or area of choice  (in terms of content, question types, number of questions, timing) so you know from the start the questions are ultra relevant to your school.

Here we have a screenshot of a test question page (in this example for the GL Test). Questions are divided into sections for ease of navigation.


Test Results & Marking

The online tests are timed and when complete the test is automatically marked. The test can then be reviewed in an easy to see manner and the "Answer Genie" button used to bring up a "How To" video explaining how that type of question should be answered.

Answer Genie Video Tutorials

Clicking on the "Answer Genie" would bring up the question feedback video for that type of question. In the example below you can see the Verbal Reasoning/Different type of question has it's own video tutorial (Study Pack Premium and above members or as additional purchase). Click here to see a some sample videos.


Result Tracking

Test results are tracked over time to enable you to see progress. Below we have a sample screenshot of the results and analytics page. For parents this enables your childs' progress to be tracked, for tutors and teachers you will be able to see all pupils in your class at a glance.


Topic Genius

'Topic Genius' in the Test Centre allowing students to complete shorter, topic-specific tests, eg Fractions, Angles, Codes, Figure Recognition and so on, building confidence and ability (Premium & Platinum Level only).

Topic Genius allows your child to do shorter tests in over 100 different topic areas taken from our question bank of over 45,000 questions.

Topic Genius
'Topic Genius'

Below is a screenshot of just some of the topics that are tested in the Maths section


Why not join our 11+ membership today (it's FREE for 7 days) and take one of our sample tests, download a sample pdf test paper and claim our 11+ guide 'Unfair Advantage'.