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Why S​​​​​wot?

The 11PlusSwot Advantage has been guiding over 45,000 parents, teachers and tutors through the 11+ maze since 2004. We know what works and gives your child the best chance of succeeding in the 11 Plus.

The site has evolved several times during that period to ensure we offer up to date and relevant information.

Up to date resources

It's import that you have up to date resources so you are well prepared. Check out our blog post on the 5 vital resources you should be using.

What's Ne​​​​​w?

11PlusSwot Advantage - 11Plus Online Tests

In our latest update, our experts have been working on our brand new Test Centre, where we have even more questions added to our vast question bank which covers all aspects of the different types of entrance tests that schools require.  There's also a new 'Topic Genius' section, which allows your child to practise one particular topic at a time.  This helps your child excel in areas where they once lacked confidence.  A small selection of the Topics included is listed below:

  • Algebra
  • Decimals
  • Fractions
  • Money
  • Probability
  • Powers
  • Co-ordinates
  • Codes
  • Figure Analysis
  • 3-Pair
  • Double Sequence
  • Homophones

  • Missing 3 Letters
  • Similar Meaning
  • Problem Solving
  • Figure Recognition
  • Rotation
  • Symmetry
  • Roman Numerals
  • Riddle
  • Related Words
  • Hidden Word
  • Similar Meaning
  • Opposites
  • Spelling
  • Suffix
  • Sum
  • Continue The Series
  • Percentages
  • Graphs
  • Dice
  • Direction
  • Angles
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Averages
11PlusSwot Advantage Answer Genie Video Tutorials

The 11PlusSwot Advantage gives you access to tests on various topics, there are now over 200 How-To Tutorial Videos too.  Parents can also watch these videos independently if they want to brush up on particular topics, maybe learn about a whole new topic or understand the latest teaching methods, techniques and tips (Premium and Platinum Level only).  

These tutorials are an invaluable resource if you are considering home-tutoring your child yourself or just want to help your child when they get stuck. After online practice, during the Test Review Stage, if your child has answered a question incorrectly, they can click on our Answer Genie button for an immediate explanation of how to answer that particular type of question. So students can understand and learn from their mistakes when practising  - a wonderful teaching aid and a cost effective alternative to hiring a private tutor.

Always being mindful of offering good value for money, we have focused on providing even more value with our multiple subscription levels to suit all needs and pockets. Why don't you benefit from the 11PlusSwot Advantage today?

Why Does Generic 11+ Testing Not Cut It Any More?

Back in 2004, we just offered generic multiple choice questions in English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning.  Today this just won't cut it and could actually put your child at a disadvantage!  Schools, consortiums and local authorities have different tests, in different formats, some in different subjects.  We felt passionately that offering a child a simple generic multiple choice question just wasn't suitable preparation if their actual school 11+ exam asked for written answers or computer marked pages or had audio instructions, for example.

With the introduction of tests in Spatial Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Figure Analysis, Figure Recognition, NVR Pictures, Applied Reasoning, Continuous Writing and so on by some schools, we have updated with the times and now offer an even greater range of questions to suit your school.

You don't want your child to practise questions that will simply never come up in their chosen school's 11+ exam, nor do you want to miss any question types that definitely will!

So, if you are looking at grammar schools in Essex, Kent or Bucks for example, we have designed information packs and sample tests matching your school 11+ exam's subjects, format, style and timing as closely as possible.  So familiarity is then developed with question types, your child gets a feel for timing and required speed and learns exam skills such as following instructions.

The 11PlusSwot Advantage - We've Got You Covered

We of course still have our standard packs covering English, Maths, Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning, GL and CEM questions, so you are covered either way.  Just visit our Shop to view every resource you could possibly need.

How Do I Get Started?

To get started you can join our Standard, Premium or Platinum level FREE for 7 days.

Each level offers online tests, PDF downloads, guidance and support to keep your child on track.

With each ascending level we offer you more tests and resources.  If you want our full package, Premium level offers you How-To Video Tutorials and access to the 'Topic Genius' and 'Answer Genie' sections of the Swot Test Centre PLUS continuing additional FREE materials. Platinum level is our ultimate package, offering everything in Premium level plus lots extra, including a 1:1 online private Swot tutor to keep your child on track and motivated.

Like all parents, you want the best for your child.  This is why we now also offer tips, advice and guidance on motivation and confidence-building through our Swot Parent Coach Newsletters and Facebook Group.

Got questions?

We're here to help, so drop us a quick email if you have questions or why not post a question on our Facebook group?.  We're a friendly bunch and we look forward to hearing from you. 

Benefits of The 11PlusSwot Advantage

  • 11+ exams written by well-respected tutors, tailored to your chosen school
  • Unlimited access to timed 11+ online testing for your specific school or area, matching subjects, format, timing and style as closely as possible
  • Automatic tracking of your child's 11+ progress over the weeks and identification of weak areas
  • Topic Genius software for online testing in individual topics like Algebra, Codes, Fractions or Spellings etc (Premium & Platinum Level only)
  • Answer Genie button - explanatory How-To Tutorials available to students during Online Testing Review, ie get a question wrong and learn how to correct it - a great teaching aid and a cost effective alternative to hiring a private tutor (Premium & Platinum Level only)
  • Individual How-To Video Tutorials - Parents (and children of course) can also watch subject tutorial videos to brush up on particular topics, maybe learn about a whole new topic or understand the latest teaching methods, techniques and tips (Premium & Platinum Level only)
  • Familiarity is developed with practising the right question types, your child gets a feel for timing and required speed, confidence is boosted and exam technique and skills are learnt, such as following instructions
  • Downloadable pdf test papers - an important element of preparing for real exam conditions, when neatness and speed are required 
  • Hints and tips for getting ahead, increasing motivation, building confidence and troubleshooting via Swot Parent Coach Newsletters
  • Ongoing free resources during membership for Premium & Platinum Level subscriptions
  • Up-to-date information relating to the 11+ exam
  • 11+ advice for parents
  • Access to our Swot Facebook Group (hosted by teachers, tutors and coaches) for teaching support and guidance
  • 11+ Blog - read topical Grammar school and 11+ content
  • A great range of complementary products - we've scoured the educational world for the best resources and books to help with your 11+ exam