11Plus Resources For Parents

Maybe you've looked everywhere for quality content or this is your first foray into finding 11+ content that will assist you and your child in tackling the 11+ entrance exam.

After all, you want the best for your child, right?

Well you have come to the right place. 11PlusSwot is a one stop shop for all of your 11 plus needs. Here you will find:

  • A full run down of what the 11+ is, how it works and how Swot can give your child a massive advantage.
  • A free copy of our Swot 11+ Guide 'Unfair Advantage - The Secret to Helping Your Child Pass The 11+', offering advice on assessing whether the 11+ is right for your child and tips on motivation and confidence building.
  • A list of all grammar schools in England and Northern Ireland and how to find the most suitable one for your child.
  • A tailored study package specifically for the schools you choose - generic 11+ practice just doesn't cut it anymore and could put your child at a disadvantage! You don't want your child to practise questions that will simply never come up in their chosen school's 11+ exam, nor do you want to miss any question types that definitely will! Also practising in the correct format builds familiarity, confidence and speed.
  • Unlimited access to our cutting edge Test Centre where you will find online tests tailored to the school of your choice.
  • Test Paper Downloads (click here for preview) - an important element of preparing your child for actual exam conditions.
  • Progress Tracking and identification of weak areas.
  • 'Topic Genius' in the Test Centre allowing students to complete over 100 shorter, topic-specific tests, eg Fractions, Angles, Codes, Figure Recognition and so on, building confidence and ability (Premium & Platinum Level only).
  • Over 200 comprehensive "How To Videos" which can also be viewed independently by students or parents wanting to brush up on their topic skills, learn about a new subject or learn up-to-date teaching methods, tips and techniques. Techniques and tips alone could make the difference between a pass and a fail (Premium & Platinum Level only).
  • Our 'Answer Genie' button links incorrect answers to tutorial videos during the Test Review stage, ie get a question wrong and find out how to correct it - a cost effective alternative to hiring a private tutor!  (Premium & Platinum Level only)
  • Ongoing support via Swot Parent Coach newsletters about boosting confidence, motivation and overcoming problems.
  • The tutoring and coaching 1:1 support of an Swot Online Private Tutor for your child (Platinum Level only).
  • An invitation to join our FaceBook Group, hosted by qualified teachers and coaches, where advice and support is shared with like-minded parents.