5 Vital 11 Plus Resources

11 Plus Resources Your Child Needs To Succeed

Here are the 5 of the vital 11 Plus resources you should definitely consider for your child when planning your 11+ preparation.

What's fantastic is that we provide them specifically for your area - no more generic studying of information you may never need, no point in studying verbal reasoning if the school doesn't test for it, for example:



Assessment Tests

It's important to assess your child's strengths, weaknesses, knowledge & ability level so you know how best to help them progress. Swot provides this tool as one of it's 11 Plus resources which you can find at our Online Test Centre. Tests are marked and tracked so you can follow your child's progress.


Full timed mock exams

Speed & accuracy are as important as ability, so your child needs to practice full 11+ exams in all subjects required in the right format so they become familiar with the style & timing of the actual exam. Swot tailors all resources to your chosen school.


bitesize topic tests

What if your child is strong in algebra but weak in spellings, strong with codes but failing with punctuation? Short individual topic tests turn weaknesses into strengths. Swot has 100+ Bitesize Topic Genius tests as part of it's 11 Plus resources.


Tutorial videos

Tips and techniques can mean the difference between a pass and a fail. It's good to be able to watch "How To" videos again and again as the learning sinks in. Swot has 200+ video tutorials.


paper tests

Never underestimate the power of sitting at the kitchen table with a paper test. It encourages neatness and helps develop speed. Swot provides downloadable PDF papers and physical books that lay flat on your desk.

Looking for 11Plus resources? Let us know in the comments below. Please feel free to share the Infographic 🙂

11 Plus Resources - Infographic

5 Vital 11 Plus Resources