11Plus Resources For Tutors

How Can We Help Tutors?

Over the years we have worked alongside many private tutors, providing resources that help them to extend and improve their practice, reduce costs, improve results and make more money.  

Of course, we can provide paper or pdf download practice papers - generic GL or CEM practice or practice tailored to the subjects and format required by your local grammar/selective school, together with answer sheets.  However, our Swot Test Centre offers tutors the facility to offer one pupil, or a number, online practice tests at the same time or independently.  These tests can be complete timed tests mimicking the actual entrance exam or, using our Topic Genius software, shorter area-specific tests, eg fractions, spellings, codes, algebra, figure recognition and so on. Tests are automatically marked, saving precious tutor hours and results can be tracked over time as a useful assessment tool.  This can be used as a homework tool or during tutor sessions.

In addition, thanks to Swot's How-To Video Tutorials, pupils also have a teaching aid as well as a practice resource saving time and meaning there is the potential to take on more students at one time.

Such A Great Resource Must Be Expensive?

No, not really, in fact it could actually make you money!

The more pupils that use the Swot system, the cheaper the cost becomes per pupil (whether it is pdf downloads or online testing you want).  

In addition, we offer the facility for tutors to offer the Swot experience to parents for their children to use in the comfort of their own homes. More practice means improved results and everyone is a winner.  Tutors can send each parent an 'affiliate link' direct to the Swot site and, with each sign-up, the you make a commission, which can offset your Swot bill or go directly into your bank account.

How Can We Get Started?

We are currently working on the best way to deliver this service to tutors.  So please register your interest by contacting us.  We would love to hear from you about your requirements and to discuss how we can help.