About Us

They say necessity is the mother of all invention and it’s true!

Tim and Jo created 11PlusSwot back in 2004 after Tim, a genius Software Developer (our words not his, he's much too modest) wrote a piece of software to test their son, Charlie, with 11+ questions.

Charlie was, and still is to this day, obsessed with computers and technology and they thought if they could get his 11-Plus practice on to the computer they had a fighting chance of him spending a good few hours a week prepping. It worked and, as there was nothing like it online at the time, the 11PlusSwot site was born and became a family passion, constantly evolving and updating in line with changing school policies, exams and technology.

As the years went on, and with a background in therapy and wellbeing, Jo wanted more from the site than just practising questions and learning techniques.  She believed passionately in empowering children, to build confidence and self-belief alongside education – a winning formula when it comes to happy, achieving children!  This is why we feel Swot is different.  Not only do we deliver cutting edge resources but we offer support, guidance and advice for parents.  When it comes to inspiring, motivation and problem-solving, we've been in your shoes and are ready to help in any way we can.  Our Facebook Group is always there to answer questions and help you link up with like-minded parents and our newsletters offer on-going support too.

Today, Tim and Jo's 'children' are all grown up but are still involved in the family business they believe in so strongly.  Below is a photo of the family on a recent holiday to France (with their Swot bookworm glasses on, of course!)

Swot Family in France

As a family business we are keen to do our bit and give back to other families. This is why we decided to give a percentage of every sale of our chosen charity 'Children With Cancer'.  While you're helping your child have academic success, you can help families going through the worst of times.