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Did you know that the 11+ exam varies from school to school, area to area?

That’s why the 11+ practice here at 11PlusSwot is so different. We offer specific practice for your chosen school and invaluable resources that could help dispense with the cost of a private tutor, enable you to home-tutor or just leave your child to it!

With our unique Topic Genius and Answer Genie software, plus Video Tutorials, you could have all the resources at your fingertips to turbo-charge your child's success in the 11+.

Why not try a 30 Day 100% Risk-Free Trial of our Swot Online Test Centre + sample download papers?

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We uniquely offer:

  • 11+ exams written by well-respected tutors, tailored specifically to your school test (generic 11+ testing just doesn’t give your child a big enough advantage in our opinion!) 
  • Unlimited access to timed 11+ online testing for your chosen school, matching subjects, format, timing and style as closely as possible.  You don't want your child practising question types that will simply never come up in your school's 11+ exam, nor miss any that definitely will!
  • Automatic tracking of your child's 11+ progress over the weeks also helping with identification of areas of weakness
  • 'Topic Genius' software for shorter online tests in individual topics like Algebra, Codes, Fractions, Spellings, Grammar, Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning  and so on (over 100 different topics taken from our question bank of over 45,000 different questions)
  • 'Answer Genie' explanatory how-to video tutorials linked directly to incorrect answers on the Online Test Review Page after tests have been automatically marked, ie get a question wrong, learn how to correct it!
  • 100+ Individual How-To Video Tutorials - Parents (and children of course) can also watch subject tutorial videos to brush up on particular topics, maybe learn about a whole new topic or understand the latest teaching methods, techniques and tips - remember, these tips not only build speed and confidence but could mean the difference between a pass and a fail!
  • Downloadable pdf test papers - an important element of preparing for real exam conditions, when neatness and speed are required
  • Hints and tips for getting ahead, increasing motivation, building confidence and troubleshooting via Swot Parent Coach Newsletters and Facebook Group (hosted by qualified teachers, tutors and coaches)
  • 'Unfair Advantage - The Secret To Helping Your Child Pass The 11+ Exam' - our complete 11+ guide to help navigate you through the whole process, from deciding whether the 11+ exam is right for your child, choosing a school, prepping and keeping your child on track
  • A comprehensive 11+ shop where additional books & resources can be purchased