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The Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex Test 1 Book

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The CSSE (Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex) Test Paper 1 in book format. Covers all of the required sections in the CSSE 11+ entrance test paper English (Comprehension, Applied Reasoning, Continuous Writing) and Maths in one complete book.

High quality A4 size with robust covers and spiral bound so sits easily on your desk. Includes answers and additional answer sheets.

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The CSSE Test 1 Book, covers all of the required sections in the CSSE Test 11+ entrance test paper - Maths & English. 

The CSSE Test comprises 2 sections:

  • Section 1 - English
  • Section 2 – Maths

The usual number of questions and time allowed for the paper are as follows:

Section 1 - English

Comprehension – 40 questions in 30 minutes (plus 10 minutes to read passage)

Applied Reasoning – 5 questions in 10 minutes

Continuous Writing – 2 essay questions in 20 minutes

Section 2 – Maths

Maths – 60 questions in 60 minutes

Our full length tests are similar to the real Kent Test question count and timings.

Guidelines to marking:

  • Some questions may have more than 1 valid answer, use your discretion in determining compatible answers.
  • Only one mark for each correct answer.
  • Do not deduct marks for incorrect answers.
  • NO half marks should be given.
  • Do not give any marks if the answer has not been entered on the answer sheet (even if there is a correct scribbling on the question paper), as it is important your child gets used to filling in the answer sheet accurately.
  • Use a HB pencil to mark your answer.
  • If you make a mistake DO NOT CROSS out your answer, you must rub out the incorrect answer.

Remember to mark you answer correctly, for example for multiple choice questions if the answer is B place a single line through the letter B:






For open questions write in your answer. Remember to use units, correct spelling and grammar as needed.


The test should not begin until after the child has filled in their details and read the instructions.  Make a note of the number of minutes allowed and stop the exam at that point and this helps them get used to the idea of working to a deadline.  

You may wish to let your child finish the paper for practice after this time though.  It is useful to keep a note of the mark achieved and how far through the paper your child gets in the time allowed, as this will help you can build up a picture of improvement as the weeks go on. More information can be found on the CSSE website

After The Test

After marking the papers, it is very important to remain positive and supportive.  Talk through the paper with your child, explaining their mistakes, working out the correct answer together, applauding their successes and remaining encouraging throughout as this will help your feel better supported and engaged.

Feedback could also include rewards – children tend to be motivated by treats – so why not set targets for increased practice or increasingly better results – but be sensible and realistic and watch your child thrive!

PDF Download Version

Also available in PDF Download form from our 11PlusSwot shop.

CSSE Book 1 Preview

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