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Whether they need to catch up or excel, I believe every child deserves the opportunity to be the best they can be. For tuition in Maths (Numeracy), English (Literacy), SATS or the Kent test (11+) I can help your child to succeed.

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I am an experienced teacher and tutor who believes every child deserves the opportunity to be the best they can be. I have had great success in working with individual children to find their strengths and to overcome stumbling blocks. I enjoy working with children of all abilities from the aged 6 to 15 teaching Mathematics and English (Numeracy and Literacy to the younger ones) and I have helped children with dyslexia and/or dyscalculia, children who had fallen behind in some way, as well as high achievers (which included some children from the first two groups).
I also offer tuition for the Kent Test (11+) and have had good results in the past (85% pass rate over 5 years).
I taught in primary and secondary schools for 22 years – both in government and the private sector. I then took early retirement and subsequently tutored for 9 years.
I am also very involved in charity work, helping street children in Uganda to return to school.

Sessions are run online via our online video service called Zoom. It’s available for your PC, Latptop, Mac, IPad, tablet etc and is free to use. You can of course also use Microsoft Skype or Teams. As the tutor, I will send you an appointment via email with a link to the session that starts promptly at the booked time. Before the session please ensure you have downloaded the app and ensure the video and audio are working correctly.


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