St Michael’s College, Enniskillen

St Michael's College, Enniskillen
Vision & Values

  • Orare means to pray. This emphasises that the first duty of each person in to grow in the knowledge and love of God.
  • Studere means to study. This is more than applying ones self to books; it is the study of life in order to come to a better understanding of ourselves and our vocation.
  • Agere means to act. This word points out that each pupil is expected to contribute by his action to the good of society what he has gained from his prayer and study.
  • The book depicted on the crest contains no writing. It represents the life of each pupil which will be filled in time by the achievements of his life.
  • The cross and shield emphasize that our faith will be our constant protection in life.

St Michael's College, Enniskillen
Contact Details

School: St Michael's College, Enniskillen


Chanterhill Road
Co. Fermanagh
BT74 6DE


028 663 22935


St Michael's College, Enniskillen
Entrance Criteria

School: St Michael's College, Enniskillen

The school wishes to accept boys who are suitable for the type of education it offers and whose parents are in agreement with the Philosophy and Aims of the school. Admission to any Year Group is dependent on the number of places available. No accommodation will be made for boys to repeat Year 12 except where the Governors accept that there is a case of special circumstances. St Michael's College, Enniskillen can be found at the click here

St Michael's College, Enniskillen
Priority Catchment Area

St Michael's College, Enniskillen
School Location

St Michael's College, Enniskillen
School Extracurricular

All aspects of school life- its planning organisation, curriculum and provision of extra curricular activities seek to promote conditions for the positive growth of students and staff. The school places emphasis on the development of positive relationships between all staff and students, the creation of a positive learning environment and the development and maintenance of a caring community.

St Michael's College, Enniskillen
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