Loreto College, Coleraine

Loreto College, Coleraine
Vision & Values

  • The College is committed to reflecting the values, attitudes and moral perspective which are consistent with a Christian conscience and with the teachings of the Catholic Church. We seek to know and respect each pupil as an individual person within a caring school community.
  • The College acknowledges that parents are the first and foremost educators of their children. The close partnership between school and home is recognised as an essential element of both pupil welfare and the success of the College.
  • We encourage pupils to strive for the highest standards in all aspects of their school life. To facilitate this, the College promotes a disciplined atmosphere in which mutual respect is fostered, and within which effective teaching and learning can take place. Although high academic standards are pursued, they are not regarded as an end in themselves. Pupils are guided towards an understanding that, if knowledge is to become wisdom, it must be combined with moral values and humility.
  • The College actively encourages initiative and positive leadership. These qualities lead pupils to grow in freedom, and to an awareness that they are personally responsibile for the choices they make. At the same time, the College cultivates a sensitivity towards the needs of society and an awareness of the inequality of opportunity within the human family as a whole.
  • Loreto College strives to develop sincere, free and caring citizens who are sensitive to the needs of others. We encourage our pupils to approach life in a thoughtful, reflective and discerning manner and to be both willing and able to play their part in the betterment of society.

Loreto College, Coleraine
Contact Details

School: Loreto College, Coleraine


Castlerock Road
County Derry
BT51 3JZ


02870 343611



Loreto College, Coleraine
Entrance Criteria

School: Loreto College, Coleraine

Loreto College Coleraine is a Catholic, co-educational, Voluntary Grammar Day School and will accept applicants who are suitable for the type of education being offered by the College, being applicants who and whose parent(s) or person(s) with parental responsibility are, in the opinion of the Board of Governors, in agreement with the philosophy and aims of the College. The Board assumes that applicants and their parent(s) or person(s) with parental responsibility are in full agreement with the aims and philosophy of the College. Loreto College, Coleraine can be found at the click here

Loreto College, Coleraine
Priority Catchment Area

Loreto College, Coleraine
School Location

Loreto College, Coleraine
School Extracurricular

In Gaelic games teams competed in the Faul, the Ennis and Nolan Cups.

In hurling the College was represented in the Casement Cup, McGreevy Cup, Kirk Cup and McFarland Cup.

Senior and Junior teams also competed in Ulster Colleges’ camogie. For the second successive year the Junior team reached the final of the Liatroim Fontenoy Cup and were again bitterly disappointed to be pipped in the final.

The Gaelic season closed with the wonderful news that one of our pupils , still only a Year 12 pupil then, was selected as an Ulster Colleges’ Camogie All-Star.

In soccer, six teams competed in the Coleraine and District League, all competing strongly. The senior team was narrowly defeated in the Morton Halifax Cup final. Two of our pupils were selected as Northern Ireland Schoolboy Internationals and both are making their mark on the local soccer scene. For more information just click here

Loreto College, Coleraine
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