Ballymena Academy

Ballymena Academy Vision & Values

Building upon traditions established over almost two centuries and drawing pupils from a wide catchment area, Ballymena Academy remains committed to the pursuit of excellence in a welcoming and caring environment. The school has very effective pastoral structures and offers a wide ranging curriculum which meets the needs and aspirations of our young people all of which is enhanced by an extensive co-curricular programme. 

The achievements of our young people, inside and outside of the classroom, together with the findings of a recent ETI inspection which highlighted the quality of academic and pastoral work ongoing in the school bear testimony to a school committed to its vision of "Ballymena Academy cares for the individual and inspires learning and achievement".

  • The school aims to provide a caring environment in which pupils can realise their full potential and pursue excellence in all their activities.
  • To encourage the growth of moral and spiritual awareness so that our pupils may become responsible and tolerant citizens.
  • To develop in our pupils such personal qualities as confidence, respect and independence.
  • To help all pupils to live a fuller and more abundant life through forming relationships and participating in extra-curricular activities.To enhance the links between the school and the home; and, the school and the community.
  • To develop in our pupils the academic and social skills, concepts and attitudes which will enable them to cope with the demands of life now and in the future.
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    To ensure that each pupil follows a broad and balanced curriculum which will be responsive to the needs of the individual.To provide for each pupil experiences which are enjoyable and challenging using methods and materials appropriate to the subject and level of study.To achieve high levels of success in public examinations.
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    To foster within each pupil a sense of pride in Ballymena Academy.To develop an aesthetic appreciation - and an interest in and enthusiasm for creative and artistic endeavour.

Ballymena Academy Contact Details

School: Ballymena Academy


89 Galgorm Road
County Antrim
BT42 1AJ


028 2565 2782


Ballymena Academy Entrance Criteria

School: Ballymena Academy

If a candidate’s performance in the Common Entrance Assessment has been affected by circumstances beyond his/her control or if he/she was not able to be present to sit the assessment, parents/guardians may wish to apply for Special Circumstances or Special Provision following the assessment. General instructions, the application form, SC17, and SC17 Guidance for Parents can be accessed from the AQE website by clicking here.Ballymena Academy can be found at the click here

Ballymena Academy School Location

Ballymena Academy School Extracurricular

Pupils are actively encourage to develop their moral, social, physical and intellectual selves through participation in a range of sporting, cultural, environmental and community-based activities.

The enthusiasm and dedication displayed by both pipils and teachers towards developing 'the whole person' is one of the key aspects of the school's ethos.

Details of the co-curricular activities available to specific year group are published in the Information Pamphlet for Parents which is made available on the school website at the beginning of each Autumn term.

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