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Antrim Grammar School
Vision & Values

Welcome to Antrim Grammar School where we are committed to providing a successful and happy post-primary school career for your child. Our school motto ‘Educating for Life’ encapsulates our vision as a school. We are dedicated to providing a holistic education at Antrim Grammar School so that your child is prepared for success in life beyond school. We want your child to aspire, grow and succeed and believe they will flourish in life through the development of the three ‘C’s during their school career - Currency, Character and Culture.

  • providing pupils with an excellent education that encourages a lifelong love of learning;
  • encouraging pupils to develop knowledge, skills and understanding which prepare them to take initiatives in life;
  • providing every member of the school community with a safe and caring environment, in which the needs of each individual are considered and they are appreciated and valued;
  • encouraging pupils to be committed, responsible and productive members of the school and wider society.

Antrim Grammar School
Contact Details

School: Antrim Grammar School


10 Steeple Road
Antrim County
BT41 1AF


02894 464091


Antrim Grammar School
 Entrance Criteria

School: Antrim Grammar School

Antrim Grammar School (the School) is a co-educational, inter-denominational school withan Enrolment Number of 740 and an Admissions Number of 105. 

The Board of Governors has approved the criteria described below and has delegated the task of applying these criteria to the Principal. Further reference, therefore, to the Board of Governors may imply the Admissions Sub Committee or the Principal. Antrim Grammar School can be found at the Click Here

Read this before applying for a school place.

  • Children whose most recent reports from their present school (and previous schools, if applicable) satisfy the Principal on past school record and achievement, including attendance, behaviour and punctuality, will be considered before other children. (A satisfactory attendance rate would be 95% or higher). In the case of children whose attendance may have been affected by clearly documented medical or other problems, the Principal is empowered, in exceptional circumstances, to consider this. Each case will be carefully assessed by the Principal and will necessarily take into account appropriate documentary evidence, medical or otherwise. In such a case the decision of the Principal will be final;
  • Children who have sat a Cognitive Ability Test, as directed by Antrim Grammar School, and been awarded a mean SAS greater than or equal to 105 will be considered before other children. Special consideration will be given to those children who are transferring from schools outside Northern Ireland and for whom English is not their first language. In such circumstances an appropriate mean SAS score will be determined using all available information; ​​​​
  • Children who have become resident in the Antrim and Newtownabbey Council area within three months of the date of consideration of their application will be considered before other children;
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    Applications will be considered in the following order: Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, Year 12.
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    If there are more applicants for a place in a particular Year Group than there are places available, children will be selected by applying the following criteria progressively in the order set down:                                                                                                  I. Children who have a sibling currently attending the school or the  eldest child in the family;                                                        II. Children who have the higher mean SAS score;                                                                                                                                     III. Sibling of the applicant is accepted for Antrim Grammar School for the forthcoming year.
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    If after all the criteria above have been exhausted it becomes necessary to make a final selection, priority will be given to a child whose home is closer to the School. Distance will be measured in a straight line using an Ordnance Survey web distance measurement tool from the pupil’s home to the front entrance of the School. Transport link ​​​​

Antrim Grammar School
Priority Catchment Area

The School has a wide catchment area and draws Year 8 pupils annually from 20 – 30 feeder Primary Schools. The admissions number was increased in 2017 from 105 to 112 year 8 pupils. There are childrenfrom 50 Primary Schools in our current school population; approximately two thirds come from the town of Antrim and the rest from towns, villages and rural communities throughout South Antrim, Newtownabbey and Ballymena.

The School is situated on an attractive 74-acre campus shared with Parkhall Integrated College and Steeple Nursery School. A new build for Parkhall Integrated College is due to be completed in 2017/18 and will result in improved sporting facilities and vehicular access for the entire campus.

Antrim Grammar School
School Location

Antrim Grammar School
School Extracurricular

We aim to provide a wide range of activities to suit the needs of all of our pupils. We have extensive sports facilities and a number  of sports coaches support our PE department in providing many clubs including Hockey, Rugby, Cricket, Athletics and Badminton. We have also a wide range of lunchtime and after school clubs including Scripture Union, Numeracy Ninjas, Warhammer and  Film Club, so there is always the opportunity to learn something new and meet some new friends. 


Antrim Grammar School
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