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Kent Test 11Plus Exam Study Pack For Tutors

£9.97 per member / month with a 7-day free trial

The Kent Test 11+ Study Pack For Tutors

The Kent Test Study Pack for tutors includes  exam prep specifically aimed at the Reasoning,  Maths and English tests required for entrance into Kent Test grammar schools. 

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The ideal 11+ Kent Test Study Pack For Tutors

The Kent Test 11Plus Study Pack for tutors includes online tests, how-to videos, downloads, coaching tips and exam prep specifically aimed at the Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning, Non Verbal Reasoning and Spatial Reasoning tests required for entrance into the following Kent schools:

Barton Court Grammar School
Borden Grammar School
Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School
Cranbrook School, Kent
Dane Court Grammar School
Dartford Grammar School
Dartford Grammar School for Girls
Dover Grammar School for Boys
Dover Grammar School for Girls
Folkestone School for Girls
Gravesend Grammar School
Highsted Grammar School
Highworth Grammar School for Girls
Invicta Grammar School
Maidstone Grammar School
Maidstone Grammar School for Girls
Mayfield Grammar School
Norton Knatchbull School
Oakwood Park Grammar School
Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Faversham
Simon Langton Girls' Grammar School
Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys
Sir Roger Manwood's School
The Harvey Grammar School
The Judd School
The Skinners' School
Tonbridge Grammar School
Tunbridge Wells Girls' Grammar School
Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys
Weald of Kent Grammar School
Wilmington Grammar School for Boys
Wilmington Grammar School for Girls

The Kent Test Study Pack includes access to our state of the art 11+ Online Test Centre specifically aimed at the Reasoning, Maths & English tests required for entrance into Kent grammar schools. Results can be stored and progress checked over time with useful charts and statistics.

Pupils of the tutor also benefit from our "Topic Genius" area where the pupil can develop their strengths in specific areas, our "Answer Genie" button (linking incorrect answers on the Test Review page directly to the relevant video tutorial) and 200+ individual Video Tutorial Lessons, offering tips and techniques.

Also includes downloadable PDF papers, coaching tips to build confidence and motivation and exam day prep.

Free Trial

The subscription includes a 7 day trial. You will only be charged after the trial has completed and can cancel before the trial is over if you wish and at any time thereafter.

After the free trial there is a monthly subscription charge for ongoing access to the Test Centre and resources. This can be cancelled at any time (access to the online tests, progress charts, downloads and resources will then no longer be available to yourself and your pupils).


As the main tutor you will be sent the invoices, billing, reminders etc for each of your teams (classes), not your pupils. All invoices and payments are in your name. Pupils are not sent emails but they must have an email address in order to login.

You must choose a Team name (you may have as many classes or teams as you wish) and select the "Number of Seats" when making your purchase. You count towards the seat count ie if you have 9 pupils in your class you must purchase 10 licences (9 pupils plus yourself).

If you have pupils in different classes or are covering different areas you should sign up for each area separately.

For example, you have a class or 5 pupils taking the Essex CSSE exam and another class of 8 pupils taking the Kent Test exam. You should therefore purchase the CSSE study pack for tutors with a 6 seat licence count and a Kent Test Study Pack with a 9 seat licence count.

There will be a cross over of questions, videos and resources between multiple study packs.

Test Centre

The state of the art online Swot Test Centre is available to you are and all of your pupils and includes:

  • Bespoke online tests specially tailored to your school
  • Question Bank with thousands of questions covering the subject areas in your chosen school's test.
  • Tests are timed and marked automatically.
  • Results can be tracked over time and your child's progress monitored.
  • Full length tests mimicking your chosen school's actual test
  • 'Topic Genius' short, area specific tests, such as fractions, decimals, shapes, equations, comprehension, spelling, grammar, cloze etc where your child can practise and hone their skills
  • 'Answer Genie' allows your pupil, during the Test Review stage, to click a button next to any incorrect answer and immediately be taken to a video tutorial explaining how to answer that question type
  • 7 days free trial

Tutor Pack

  • A tailored study package specifically for the schools you choose - generic 11+ practice just doesn't cut it anymore and could put your pupils at a disadvantage! You don't want your pupil to practise questions that will simply never come up in their chosen school's 11+ exam, nor do you want to miss any question types that definitely will! Also practising in the correct format builds familiarity, confidence and speed.
  • Access to our cutting edge Test Centre where you will find online tests tailored to the school or area you are tutoring, offering the opportunity for assessment tests, short topic tests or fully timed mock exams.
  • Tutors get their own login so they get access to their pupils tests results and progress (kept separate from other pupils and tutors) 
  • Pupils each get their own login so they can take tests, watch the how to videos etc. during your classes or in their own time at home. Their results and progress is kept separate from other pupils in the class (although obviously the course tutor can see the results and track the pupils progress).
  • Access to 5 complete PDF downloadable test papers and resources specifically tailored to your chosen area
  • Test Paper Downloads (click here for preview) - an important element of preparing your pupils for actual exam conditions.
  • 'Topic Genius' in the Test Centre allowing pupils to complete shorter, topic-specific tests, eg Fractions, Angles, Codes, Figure Recognition and so on, building confidence and ability.
  • Over 200 comprehensive "How To Videos" which can also be viewed independently by pupils wanting to brush up on their topic skills, learn about a new subject or learn up-to-date teaching methods, tips and techniques. Techniques and tips alone could make the difference between a pass and a fail.
  • Our 'Answer Genie' button links incorrect answers to tutorial videos during the Test Review stage, ie get a question wrong and find out how to correct it.

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