Bexley 11Plus Online Tests

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The Bexley Online Test Centre specifically aimed at the CEM Comprehension & Verbal Reasoning and Maths & Non Verbal Reasoning tests required for entrance into Bexley grammar schools.

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Access to our online test centre for the the Bexley area Schools.

  • Beths Grammar School
  • Bexley Grammar School
  • Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School
  • Townley Grammar School

Includes tests specifically aimed at the CEM style tests used in the exam.

All tests are marked by the computer so you don't have to!

Works on any PC, Mac, Tablet or Smart Phone - no App or software installation required and can be accessed from anywhere with your own private account.

In addition to the tests designed specifically for Bexley, we also have the Topic Genius section tapping in to our question bank of over over 45,000 questions. Topic Genius allows students to complete shorter, topic-specific tests, eg Fractions, Angles, Codes, Comprehension, Cloze, Spelling, Shapes, Figure Recognition and so on, building confidence and ability in all areas.

If you get stuck on a particular question we have our Answer Genie button which takes you straight to our online video tutorials for that particular problem enabling you to be able to answer that kind of question next time you come across it.

What's In The Test Centre?

The test centre is where you access your online tests specific for your school or area.

Each test is laid out to match the school or area of choice  (in terms of content, question types, number of questions, timing) so you know from the start the questions are ultra relevant to your school.

Here we have a screenshot of a test question page (in this example for the GL Test). Questions are divided into sections for ease of navigation.


Test Results & Marking

The online tests are timed and when complete the test is automatically marked. The test can then be reviewed in an easy to see manner and the "Answer Genie" button used to bring up a "How To" video explaining how that type of question should be answered.

Answer Genie Video Tutorials

Clicking on the "Answer Genie" would bring up the question feedback video for that type of question. In the example below you can see the Verbal Reasoning/Different type of question has it's own video tutorial (Study Pack Premium and above members or as additional purchase). Click here to see a some sample videos.


Result Tracking

Test results are tracked over time to enable you to see progress. Below we have a sample screenshot of the results and analytics page. For parents this enables your childs' progress to be tracked, for tutors and teachers you will be able to see all pupils in your class at a glance.


Topic Genius

'Topic Genius' in the Test Centre allowing students to complete shorter, topic-specific tests, eg Fractions, Angles, Codes, Figure Recognition and so on, building confidence and ability (Premium & Platinum Level only).

Topic Genius allows your child to do shorter tests in over 100 different topic areas taken from our question bank of over 45,000 questions.

Topic Genius
'Topic Genius'

Below is a screenshot of just some of the topics that are tested in the Maths section