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Did you know the Kent Test is different to the 11+ at many other schools?  

There is more to passing the Kent Test than just practising a few multiple choice, generic 11+ type questions.  Times have changed, so have 11+ exams around the country and competition is fierce. 

To gain the biggest advantage, your child needs practice that is as close to the format, timing, subjects and style of the actual Kent Test exam to gain familiarity, speed and confidence. 

During practice, your child needs to understand how to correct and learn from their mistakes, in order to progress.  They also need motivation and to build self-belief, which is something YOU can help with - but do you know how? 

Our e-book 'Unfair Advantage - The Secret To Helping Your Child Pass The 11+ Exam' explains all - how to navigate the whole 11+ process, when to start, how to assess whether it's right for your child, how to overcome obstacles, how to keep your child on track and how to use 11PlusSwot cutting edge resources so your child has a successful, happy experience.  (No other 11+ resource site offers this.)

"Behind every child who believes in themself is a parent who believed in them first."

This is for you if...

  • You've looked online for 11+ resources but  you have no idea whether what you have seen is up-to-date or even if it's relevant to the Kent Test.
  • You don't know the difference between Spatial Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Figure Analysis, Figure Recognition, Non Verbal Reasoning Pictures or Applied Reasoning or even if they're applicable to the Kent Test.
  • You know your child is bright but your current school doesn't offer enough help with exam prep, techniques, tips or familiarisation.
  • You're not sure if the 11+ is right for your child yet and don't know where to go for advice. 
  • You recognise the value of tailored practice for your chosen school and how tips and techniques could give your child an advantage  but you don't want to pay the earth for it. 
  • You want to avoid the expense of a private tutor but don't have the time or ability to help your child yourself.
  • You want to home-tutor your child but you are a bit behind on the latest teaching methods or some of the subjects are completely new to you. 
  • Your child lacks motivation and confidence and you want to help but don't know how.
  • You would like your child to attempt the 11+ Kent Test but you don't want them to be stressed or unhappy.
  • You're a busy parent, so you want a complete service where you can set your child up for practice, leave them to get on with it on their own, happy in the knowledge that they are getting the best and most relevant practice, learning tips and techniques along the way.
  • You've heard about GL or CEM exams but don't know the difference or if Kent even uses them.
  • You've employed a tutor but would like more home or holiday practice to reinforce learning and help you assess your child's progress for yourself. 
  • Your child has weaknesses in certain topic areas and you want to focus specifically on these areas and build confidence.
  • You're looking for a solution that works on phones, tablets, laptops or work PC at home or on the move.

11plusswot is the complete one-stop shop for your 11+ needs!

We believe 11PlusSwot offers everything your child will need to achieve success in the Kent Test 11+ exam and stay motivated, happy and on-track.  11PlusSwot offers:

Tailored Questions To Match The Kent Test

Access to tens of thousands of practice questions tailored to the Kent Test 11 Plus Exam, matching subjects, format, timing, style and layout as closely as possible, building familiarity, speed and confidence.  Written by highly-respected, qualified teachers and tutors, the questions are available as download pdfs, online tests and physical papers. 

Dedicated Online Test Centre

Dedicated state of the art Online Test Centre in all specific subjects relevant to the Kent Test.  The tests are marked for you, charting and recording your child's progress over time and identifying any weak areas.  In addition, Topic Genius enables your child to build ability and confidence in lots of specific topic areas (eg algebra, codes, probability, punctuation and so on).

Techniques, Tips & Video Tutorials

Invaluable teaching aids for students and parents alike, including our Answer Genie button on the Test Review Page  (ie get a question wrong and learn how to correct it), 100+ Tutorial Videos teaching techniques and tips, meaning your child is learning as well as practising.  Our Swot Facebook Group is  hosted by qualified teachers, tutors and coaches offering support and advice too.

Success Stories

Every year we enjoy hearing how we have helped so many children gain access to their chosen schools.  11+ tutors all around the UK use our resources and we are trusted by a number of selective schools to set their entrance exam too - says it all really, doesn't it?

We Care!

The 11PlusSwot family business was set up in 2004 by Tim and Jo to help their son pass the 11+ exam, so they understand parents' needs and concerns.  Swot cares about your child's emotional well-being as much as their academic success, which is why we support you through this journey with tips on how to keep your child motivated, on track and happy via Swot Parent Coach Newsletters.

Giving Back

As a family business, we are keen to do our bit and give back to other families, so a percentage of every sale goes to our chosen charity, 'Children With Cancer'.  While Swot is helping your child achieve academic success, you can help families going through the toughest of times imaginable.

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Yes, that's right.  When you sign up for a 7 day free trial of our 11PlusSwot service, offering access to the Online Test Centre and download Kent Test pdf exam papers, you qualify for a free copy of our 11+ guide too.

Unfair Advantage E-Book

we've been trusted by parents, schools & tutors since 2004 and for good reason!

The resources we offer are relevant, up-to-date and devised by experts. As you navigate the maze of information on the internet about the 11+, you will soon learn that there is a lot of mis-information and sadly many out-of-date resources online.

We offer correct formats and question types. If your child's exam requires written answers, there is little value in practising multiple choice questions (that's all that most other 11+ resource providers offer).  If your child needs to complete a computer marked paper on exam day or follow audio instructions, it's useful to get used to this in advance.  Practising in the relevant format builds familiarity, speed and confidence. In addition, you don't want your child to practise questions that will simply never come up in the Kent Test, nor do you want to miss any question types that definitely will!

Swot is a learning aid as well as a practice resource. If your child answers a question incorrectly during an online test, they have the opportunity to find out why during the Test Review stage by clicking the Answer Genie button.  There's nothing more frustrating than getting an answer wrong but not understanding why!

Video Tutorials offer current teaching methods. Times change and, whether it is you or your child watching the videos, it's good to have confidence that the methods being taught are the same that are being taught in your child's school today.  

Top Genius turns weaknesses into strengths. It's great to practise complete papers, but what if your child lacks confidence in a particular subject, say algebra or co-ordinates, percentages or codes?  Topic Genius allows your child to do shorter tests in over 100 different topic areas taken from our question bank of over 45,000 questions.

Tips and techniques could mean the difference between a pass and a fail.  There's no doubt that speed is vital in the Kent Test and every tip or technique learnt could make the difference, not only to the result but to your child's confidence too.

Practice is delivered in 3 ways. Swot offers practice in 3 formats, downloadable pdf papers, online tests and physical papers. Don't underestimate the value of getting your child to sit at the kitchen table with a paper test.  This is the closest experience to real test conditions and offers the opportunity to develop neatness and speed.  

Swot offers a focus on your child's well-being (and yours!).  Unlike most other providers, who only focus on practice, we believe that a happy child is an achieving child, so we support you in the psychological aspects of the whole 11+ process.  We also support you, the parent, during what can be a challenging time, by offering support and guidance through our Facebook Group (hosted by qualified teachers) and Parent Coach Newsletters.

Tom & William Holding 11PlusSwot book

Testimonial From A Proud Mum

"Tom and William both happy to have passed the 11+ exam with the hlep of 11PlusSwot.  Smiles all round!"


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Another Happy Family

"Thank you for all your advice and practice papers, particularly the online tests.  My daughter passed her 11+!  We are thrilled.  We will certainly recommend your website to all our friends."

Helen & Family

Unfair Advantage E-Book

How do I get my FREE book?

By clicking on the button below, you get access to our 7 day free trial  (Online Test Centre &  pdf test paper downloads) but we wanted to go one better than that and offer you our 11+ guide as a FREE gift!

The book includes chapters such as:

  • How to assess your child's potential for the 11+ exam and when to start
  • Mindset - how to programme your child's mind for success
  • How to motivate your child and make prepping less stressful
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Being mindful of offering great value,  we also offer different level packages to suit every pocket, all with a FREE try it for 7 days offer. Study packs contains test papers, online testing, how to videos, hints and tips and much more!

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Proud mum

I have been particularly impressed with this and our daughter Maddy enjoyed taking the tests.
The excellent practice they gave her enabled her to gain a coveted place at the school of her choice.
I will recommend your programme to others.


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Proud mum

Dear 11 Plus Swot Team - I am happy to report that my daughter has just received an 11+ pass with good scores!

We are delighted and thank you very much for the invaluable boost that it gave to her confidence being able to sit at the computer and practice with your online testing facility.

Our 11+ Swot membership gave me the confidence as a parent to tutor her myself knowing that we were covering all bases.

I will not hesitate to recommend you to other parents who are preparing their children for the 11+. Please relay our thanks to the team.



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